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… everything stems from a business need, shared with some professional colleagues and immediately confirmed by many: to find a central solution to the fragmentation of the numerous digital contents that we manage in 1000 web platforms, of different nature and typology.
A world in which space and time are inversely proportional: the galaxy of the web that is expanding more and more and our time that is contracting.
A vision that today begins to be perceived but not fully grasped in its problems as long as we have a little space to occupy and a little time to manage.
The solution? A single "ring" that links all this.
A single tool to CONNECT what is online, with which you can CREATE new content and through which you can ARCHIVE, CONTEMPORARY AND IN 1 single space, much more over customizable.
A single digital place, full of everything, no longer fragmented but tidy and remodeled ... with an innovative propulsive thrust: 10, 100, 1000 utilities to tell, to send, to track, to share, to manage, to archive, to research, to create, to connect, etc.

Everything takes on a new value; those contents that were only URLs of extemporary research, those archives of works useful to ourselves, our stories to be made public and, last but not least, our TIME become a new resource to promote oneself or one's business, to organize shared archives, to create web pages ... and more.

Add plus already works on

During the first time of executive validation, carried out by promoting the platform's services through Google's ADS search campaigns, the satisfaction of the public surprised us, going beyond our expectations: there is a strong demand for new services that centralize and enhance the capacity to make digital resources available to tell about themselves, their story, their business or their skills ... and Add plus stems for this.

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