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Being characterized by a distinctly design-oriented approach, Greentronics structure is extremely versatile and efficient on both production capability and, at the same time, on flexibility in customer satisfaction.
Based on these assumptions, Greentronics aims to provide customers with solutions that are highly competitive respect to the market standards in terms of efficiency, functionality, integration, and cost.
Greentronics offers patent covered solutions for energy saving and renewables. Notably is the owner of a patent of a micro-wind modular generator characterized by extremely low cut-in speed (0,8m/s) and high versatility. Moreover, Greentronics holds the project and production of an innovative modular photovoltaic storage system for total energy independence. Equipped with an integrated automatic desulphurizer for lead batteries, extending their lifespan up to over 10 years, obtaining a bigger storage at much lower price, with a payback time of only 3-4 years.
With REPOWER KIT is possible to have much more storage capability at a cost up to 5 times lower than other technologies, like lithium, nickel, etc.
Greentronics produces also an adaptive low-cost universal electronic control device with extremely low payback, for the automatic management of artificial lighting. This device with its performances and with its typical payback time of 12-14 months and for its high performance/cost ratio, is considered today the best solution for energy efficiency in lighting systems.
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