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Edible composition for food preservation, process for preparation and uses thereof

The patent proposes new strategies packaging technologies for confectionery industries by replacing preservatives, like ethanol that could be considered harmful for the products devoted to children. The edible film slows down the phenomenon of water migration and evaporation avoiding the hardening of the product. This biological coating does not affect the sensory quality and the shelf life of these products negatively. Also, it permits to reduce the use of expensive and not biodegradable packaging materials, decreasing the environmental impact. This patent opens a new way for confectionery industries that will be able to plan their production using more sustainable strategies of packaging.
State of development
Industrial application
"The invention is aimed to companies interested in manufacturing: Bakery products; Confectionery; Pastry products; Packaging biodegradable; Bakery goods without the addition of natural or artificial preservatives and additives with plastic material packaging reduction and ethanol-free.
Advantage factor
"The invention has the following advantages: No use of preservatives and stabilizers in the production of sweet bakery products; Increase of the shelf-life; Preservation of structural characteristics (fragrance) and microbiological stability over time, without the use of fats or chemical preservatives; Lightening of packaging materials and reduction of environmental impact.
Proposal cooperation
Know-how transfer, Licensing